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Moore Asociados did an excellent job explaining the science of a high altitude oil spills to the media and public opinion, and made a significant contribution towards safeguarding the image, reputation and business continuity of Transredes in a critical juncture.

Tony Henshaw
Desaguadero Incident Commander

Desaguadero River Oil spill

High altitude oil spills are rare because they mainly occur at sea level. But a pipeline punctured by freak weather conditions on a river crossing resulted in 29,000 barrels of oil being split into a river affecting dozens of communities, their land and livestock.Moore Asociados was called in to immediately put in place a crisis communications unit to support the incident management team, and liaise with the affected communities, clean-up team members, scientists, local and international media and environmental groups.

1   Local communities
     involved in clean-up
2   Repair of the
     oil pipeline

Managing Social and Political Risk

Moore Asociados has a stellar track record advising international clients operating in turbulent environments overseas on emerging critical issues likely to affect their reputation and business continuity.


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