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Stakeholder Relations & Change Management
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Moore Asociados adapted the Future Search method to the heterogeneous needs of our workshop. Without taking a position he got us to draw a gigantic mind-map that encapsulated the richness, limitations and collective potential of our group. It was very enriching and we were left wanting more!

Nuria del Rio
Coordinator of RUFAS

Social Housing in London

We organised and ran a partnering workshop for a pilot housing refurbishment project involving the design team, the building contractor and local residents.

Affordable Housing in Spain

We facilitated a workshop using the Future Search method to explore options for affordable housing in Spain.

1   Mind-mapping
     new housing trends
2   Mixed group discussions

Productive Municipalities

We ran a Future Search workshop to define government strategies on productive municipalities in Latin America.

3   Participants mind-map
     the issues
4   A discussion follows


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